Fivemiletown Football: 1913/14

I thought that the 1912/13 season was poor for any match reports, well this season is worse, a lot worse.

I was only able to find a few articles on Fivemiletown football, it’s not just Fivemiletown, there is almost nothing that is connected with sport being printed at this time, a couple things about rugby and a couple about the Corinthians and that’s about it. I will keep looking.


The only thing I could find in the first half of this season was a small report which read;
‘Fivemiletown Red Diamonds travelled to Aughnacloy on Saturday, and engaged in a friendly football match with the Aughnacloy eleven, who defeated them by two goals to nil’
I presume this is the Fivemiletown Juniors.

It was the first publication of 1914 that I found a report regarding Fivemiletown football;
‘A couple of football matches played during a downpour of rain formed the attraction on Boxing Day when the Fivemiletown eleven defeated by two goals to nil the members of the Caledon Club, while the Aughnacloy juniors scored one to nil against the Fivemiletown juniors’

And I presume these are the Red Diamonds.

The only other mention a can find at present was a few lines at the end of February;
‘Fivemiletown defeated Aughnacloy by a score of three to one in a football match at Fivemiletown, played in a drizzle of rain on Saturday afternoon’

This game was so exciting all they could report on was the rain.

In the two Fivemiletown games, I have just mentioned, neither state whether it was a league or cup game, who was playing or who played well.

The only thing I can say in their defence is they might have had other things on their minds with the Great War only a matter of months away.   


And Finally
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