Fivemiletown Football: 1937/38

Not sure if this was a friendly or part of a competition.
Fivemiletown 1-3 Lisnaskea
Lisnaskea were too strong for Fivemiletown with Wm. O’Malley scoring a hat trick, with Fivemiletown’s goal coming from Graham ‘Scoring a magnificent goal’
Fivemiletown- F. O’Malley; Carruth; Cullinan; McNulty; Hackett; Shields; Scallion; Gallagher; J. Breadon; Graham and T. Breadon.
I notice there were three O’Malley’s playing for Lisnaskea-
Wills O’Malley; Wm. O’Malley and Geo. O’Malley
could these three be relations of Fivemiletown’s keeper F. O’Malley


Football is used for advertising in the local papers

Mercer Cup
Fivemiletown 2-3 Corinthians
On Saturday 2nd October 1937, the opening round of league games, competing for the Mercer Cup started.
Fivemiletown were at home against the formidable Corinthians from Enniskillen.
The report said ‘A good crowd assembled at Fivemiletown to see the local team’ it went on to say Fivemiletown fielded a youthful side one being the keeper O’Malley, who pulled of a number of fine saves during the match.
The first goal fell to Fivemiletown just before the break when Breadon found the net. And not long after the restart, it was Fivemiletown who scored again this time it was McNulty to give the home side a two-goal lead.
Corinthians came back to win the game, firstly scoring from the penalty spot, the second came when ‘they scored from the halfway mark’ to level things up their third came close to the end and take both points
Fivemiletown- O’Malley; Carruth; Brown; McMahon; Hackett; Graham; T. Breadon; J. McNulty; J. Breadon; C. McNulty and Scallon.


Omagh Depot 1-1 Fivemiletown
Fivemiletown were under pressure for most of the first half with some fine defending and some wasteful opportunities it remained goalless at the break.
On resuming the soldiers again attacked, but again missed several chances. In a breakaway C. McNulty scored a splendid goal for Fivemiletown, this just encouraged the home side even more and they finally got that equaliser.

Irish Junior Cup
Fivemiletown were drawn against Enniskillen United in the first round,
But Enniskillen United scratched the game putting Fivemiletown into the next round.

Junior Cup R2
Corinthians 5-0 Fivemiletown
although it remained 0-0 at halftime and Fivemiletown having some good chances it was the Corinthians that dominated the last 45 minutes scoring five times.
Fivemiletown- Foy; Carruth; Hackett; Williamson; J. Breadon; Graham; T. Breadon; McMahon; C. McNulty; J. McNulty and Scallon.

Mercer Cup
R.U.C Depot 5-1 Fivemiletown
This was not to be Fivemiletown’s day which started by Fivemiletown putting the ball into their own net and RUC scoring again before the interval.
McNulty scored just after the restart and Fivemiletown were awarded a penalty but the shot by Carruth was saved and R.U.C then ran the show with a further three goals

Fivemiletown 1-0 Omagh Depot

Fivemiletown 1-3 R.U.C. depot
This win over Fivemiletown means the Depot have taken the League title and the Mercer Cup

Fivemiletown still has one match remaining against Corinthians, couldn’t find any report on this game.

Mulhern Cup R1
Fivemiletown 3-0 Omagh Depot

Fivemiletown progressed to the final, unfortunately, I didn’t find any report on who they defeated to get there.

Corinthians 2-0 Fivemiletown
the week before the match a report from the Impartial Reporter said;
‘Great enthusiasm is prevailing in Fivemiletown and district over the local team qualifying for this final. Special buses have been chartered to convey the local supporters to Enniskillen’.
Fivemiletown- Forrest; Grange; Digby; Hackett; Karnaghan; Graham; T. Breadon; Brown; Greenwood; McDonald and Moore.


Click image for full report


During March and April this year there was a new cup to play for 'The Kennedy Cup'
It was run on the same line as a league competition.

Kennedy Cup
Fivemiletown 3-0 Omagh Depot
The short match report said:
‘The home team were superior throughout and in the opening minutes Graham scored a beautiful goal. In the second half Fivemiletown, having the advantage of the wind, scored two more goals per Hackett and Magee.

Kennedy Cup Final Table

Corinthians 1-1 Fivemiletown
Fivemiletown opened the scoring when T. Breadon found the net, with Corinthians missing a penalty; they led at the break, but in the second half Corinthians did manage to score from the spot with another penalty award and a share of the points.

Omagh Depot 4-2 Fivemiletown

Fivemiletown 1-2 Corinthians



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