Fivemiletown Football: 1933/34

Summer league

On the 12th May 1933, Fivemiletown Football Club decided to form a football summer league.
To be called 'The Clogher Valley league Cup' 
The following appointments were then made: President, Major-General Montgomery, Vice-president, Mr Samuel Breadon, Chairman, J. Gillespie, Treasurer and Secretary Thomas Morrison.
General Committee; A. R. Belford, William Cox, Robert Condell, William Slone, Robert McCoy, Patrick McCaffrey, as well as two representatives from each team competing.
Executive Committee; William Cox, Thomas Montgomery and Robert Condell.

 At the end of May, there was a friendly match in Brookeborough, with the local team taking on Fivemiletown, Fivemiletown winning 3-2.

Clogher Valley League Cup
Clogher United 3-7 Fivemiletown
Fivemiletown defeated Clogher United in the Valley cup at Clogher.

Fivemiletown Senior 3-0 Tempo
This report dated 20th July said ‘Fivemiletown Senior and Tempo met in the Valley Cup competition at the Recreation Grounds, Fivemiletown,

Fivemiletown Juniors 3-1 Brookeborough
‘Fivemiletown Juniors beat Brookeborough by 3 goals to 1 in their first round match of the Valley Cup at Fivemiletown’.

Clogher United 7-2 Fivemiletown Seconds (juniors!)
‘Clogher United had Fivemiletown seconds as visitors and defeated them seven goals to two,’
The report went on to say ‘this result means Aughnacloy seem to be in a most favourable position’

Fivemiletown Seniors 3-1 Tempo
 ‘Fivemiletown Seniors had Tempo football team as visitors in the second round of the Valley Cup in the Recreation Grounds, and ran out winners by three goals to one.’

Fivemiletown Juniors 1-2 Aughnacloy Rangers (Rovers!)
‘Aughnacloy Rangers travelled to Fivemiletown on Thursday Night to play the local juniors in the Valley Cup Competition on the Recreation Ground. There was a record attendance.’

Fivemiletown Seniors 1-1 Aughnacloy Rovers (Rangers!)
‘The final soccer match of the Clogher Valley Summer League Competition was played on the Recreation Ground, Fivemiletown, between Aughnacloy Rovers and the home team. Ending in a draw of one goal apiece, W. O’Malley scoring for Fivemiletown.

Cup and Medals
The Cup and medals put up by the Fivemiletown Committee were presented to the Aughnacloy team by Major-General Montgomery. Mr Dunlop, on behalf of the Aughnacloy team, took over the cup and thanked Major-General Montgomery (President of the summer league) and the Fivemiletown Committee for the sporting and very satisfactory manner in which the competition had been conducted

Fermanagh Association
At this year’s Annual general meeting of the Fermanagh and Western Football Association, Mr R. Belford, representing Fivemiletown football club, was voted onto the Committee.

Fivemiletown Football Club
Annual General Meeting
The following appointments were made at the AGM: President, Major-General Montgomery, Chairman, Mr S. Breadon, Secretary, M T. Morrison, Treasurer, Mr A. R Belford:
Committee: S. Breadon, T. Morrison, A. R. Belford, R. McCoy, W. Cox and T. Montgomery.
Captain, E. Moore, Vice-Captain, R. O’Malley.

Pre-Season Friendly
Fivemiletown 4-1 Corinthian
Neither side was at full strength, and the game was a little dull.
The visitors got the first goal but Fivemiletown soon equalised through Breadon, and Moore then added a second. After the interval, Fivemiletown added two more, with goals from Graham and a second for Breadon.

Irish Junior Cup R1
‘Fivemiletown and Enniskillen Corinthians were to have met at Fivemiletown on Saturday 28th October, in the first round of the Irish Junior Cup but Fivemiletown scratched to the latter club.’

League Action
Mercer Cup
Omagh Depot 7-1 Fivemiletown
Fivemiletown travelled to Omagh for their first game of the new season, and after a good summer, this was a disappointing result.
Fivemiletown: Taylor, Torrens, Carruth, Shields, O’Malley, Porter, Graham, J. Boyd, R. Boyd, Moore and Gillespie

Rock Rovers 4-1 Fivemiletown
Played at Lisbellaw, J. Breadon scoring for Fivemiletown.
Fivemiletown: Kenwell, Torrens, Lavelle, Shields, O’Malley, Porter, Graham, Moore, J. Breadon, L. Breadon and Rev. R. Breaky.   

Fivemiletown 6-3 Rock Rovers
A week later saw the return fixture, And Fivemiletown takes an easy win.

Fivemiletown 4-1 Corinthians 
This game started a quarter of an hour late, and even then Fivemiletown took to the field with only ten players. Right from the start, Fivemiletown opened a great passing movement, the ball going from one player to another until it was in the net, leaving Fivemiletown one goal up after only a few minutes play. Fivemiletown soon scored another, and the report said ‘the play was of a very rough and tumble nature from now on’,
It did not mention any of the Fivemiletown players or who scored, but a correspondent writing on the match added at the end: ‘Fivemiletown have a good team, and I would advise them to persevere with the same players, and if Fivemiletown maintain this form more will be heard of them before the end of the season.’ 

November 1933


Fivemiletown 2-2 Omagh Depot
‘the game throughout was fast and interesting, and there were many gleams of clever football’
Fivemiletown took the lead when Boyd scored from a clever pass from Graham, unfortunately, Omagh equalized within ten minutes leaving it 1-1 at the break. For the first 15 minutes of the second half the visitors dominated, ‘but Fivemiletown’s defence was invulnerable, Kenwell making some cleaver saves’ it was this pressure that made Torrens, in trying to clear, accidentally put the ball into his own net.
Play then became very fast and Graham getting possession of the ball ran right through the Omagh defence and put Fivemiletown back on level terms, hectic efforts were made by the depot to secure the winning goal but the home defence made their efforts fruitless.
The report added; Kenwell (Fivemiletown keeper) being tested pretty often but was not found wanting, Torrens and Carruth made few mistakes and were towers of strength to their team.
Fivemiletown: Kenwell, Torrens, Carruth, Porter, Moore, Shields, Breakey, Boyd, Breadon, O’Malley and Graham.

With only a couple of matches remaining in the league, the Impartial Reporter published a quick round-up of the team’s performances so far,
for Fivemiletown they said:

‘Fivemiletown are almost invincible on their own ground judging by the fact that the league leaders could not win there on Saturday. The Clogher Valley men have a useful team and are doing well in the league this season. Carruth has returned to the Fivemiletown team, and Fivemiletown’s clergyman, Rev. Mr. Bleakey, also plays a good game.’

Mercer Cup
Omagh United 4-0 Fivemiletown

No information on this game, only the players.
Fivemiletown: Kenwell, Torrens, Carruth, Porter, Moore, Shields, Gillespie, Boyd, Taylor, O’Malley and Graham.

Sad News
Fivemiletown Players Death
December 1933
Football followers throughout Fermanagh were shocked when they heard of the news of the death of Mr Victor Carruth, of Fivemiletown, which took place this week.
Deceased, who was aged 21, died after an illness. He was one of the most popular young men in the town, and was a prominent member of the Fivemiletown football club, and a promising player.
The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon from his father’s residence, to Fivemiletown Parish Church burying-ground,. In addition to that from his parents, there were wreaths from the football club and his garage workmates. Deceased had recently set up a garage business in partnership with his brother.’

Over the Christmas weekend, Omagh depot returned to Fivemiletown to take on the local team in a friendly game, the depot winning 1-0

Fivemiletown 1-2 Omagh Town
Omagh United pressed forward throughout the first half but failed to make use of their opportunities, and Moore, although a deputy in the Fivemiletown goal gave a great account of himself and was equal to any demand made on him.
But it was Omagh who scored first, unfortunately by Wright, who accidentally scoring against his own team. Omagh scored a second just before the break. On resuming play matters livened up considerably and the homes team began to dominate, and the Omagh goal had a few narrow escapes. At the other end, a penalty was awarded against Carruth but it went the wrong side of the post. Fivemiletown kept up the pressure and was finally rewarded when Graham scored but it was too late, and the game ended a few minutes later.

Fivemiletown were without their goalkeeper (Kenwell) and full-back (Torrens) both due to injuries.
Fivemiletown; Moore, Carruth, Wright, Shields, O’Malley, Porter, Graham, Boyd, Gillespie, O’Malley and Taylor.

Mulhern Cup S/F
Lisbellaw, 3rd March 1934
Enniskillen Celtic 2-0 Fivemiletown
Fivemiletown were having the better of the opening exchanges, with Graham, O’Malley and Moore all having good opportunities. The Celts now had a spell of attacking, and the first real thrill came with Kenwell, Fivemiletown’s custodian, and McCarney (Celtic) racing for the ball. Kenwell got there first and saved an almost certain goal. The first half remained scoreless, but it wasn’t long after the restart when Celtic got the first goal of the game, the Fivemiletown players disputed this, as it appeared that the Celtic player had put the ball in with his hand, but the goal stood, and it wasn’t long before the same player scored again.
Fivemiletown put up a splendid rally but were unable to penetrate the Celtic defence.  
Fivemiletown; Kenwell, Wright, Torrens, Shields, Taylor, Porter, Graham, O’Malley, Breadon, R. Boyd and Moore.

Finally for this season, 
Fivemiletown Football Club held an 'end of season' dance in the Comrades Hall which was well patronised.
From the start, the dance went with a swing that made the night a most enjoyable one.


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