Fivemiletown Football: 1930/31

Summer Friendlies

I came across a couple of friendlies at the end of May and the beginning of June, not sure which season they should be included in, the last or the next, but seeing as the 29/30 season has finished I will add them here.

Both games were against Pringle Hall, Clones.
Fivemiletown travelled to them for the first game, playing at Greenbank in Clones. The report stated that ‘Fivemiletown were good to a man, with the redoubtable Brandon in goal who was a tower of strength in himself,’  

The report went on to say ‘the home forwards were very erratic in play, inclined to be selfish, and without a shooting boot amongst them,’
Fivemiletown won the match two goals to one.

Two weeks later Pringle Hall arrived in Fivemiletown, the report said ‘Fivemiletown were always nippier on the hard ground and looked all over winners from the beginning’, and indeed won the game two goals to nil.
It was also mentioned that Fivemiletown had only been beaten once on their home ground for 35 matches, stating this must surely be a record.

In September I found a reference to a cricket match between the Scouts and Fivemiletown, not sure if this was the football club or not, the town won.

Beginning of October and the Fermanagh and Western announced there were only four teams entered into the Mercer Cup for the coming season, but Fivemiletown was not amongst them, fortunately, by the time the first league games took place at the beginning of November, Fivemiletown were there, meaning there were five teams in the league.

Corinthians 2-0 Fivemiletown
The first game seen Fivemiletown away to Enniskillen to take on the Corinthians on the Broadmeadow, the ground was almost unplayable due to the heavy rain over the past week.
It was this heavy ground that forced Torrens off with a twisted knee, and with Fivemiletown playing most of the game with only ten men Corinthians took advantage and took the two points.

Fivemiletown Wolf Cubs

Fivemiletown Wolf Cubs held a concert which included a couple of boxing matches.
The Cubs names mentioned: D. McCaffrey, G. O’Malley, E. Brighton, T. Breadon, J. McNulty, P. Hazlett, P. Carson, P. M’Mahon, G. Maguire, H. Owens, R. Rusk, J. Williamson and J. M’Mahon.

Fivemiletown 2-1 Omagh Depot
The first home game this season, and Omagh started off the more aggressive and had a few, very good chances, the report said ‘the shooting of their forwards was deplorable’ and it was against the run of play that Morrison opened the scoring for Fivemiletown with a racking shot. This spurred Omagh to further efforts, but with their bad form and Breadon making some splendid saves in the Fivemiletown goals it remained 1-0 at the break.
Omagh started the second half the same as they had left off but another quick break and Morrison snatched the second for Fivemiletown, this knocked the wind out of Omagh and the game became a bit scrappy, Omagh did manage to find the net in the dying minutes of the game.

 Fivemiletown 2-2 G.N.R. (Enniskillen)
Fivemiletown opened the scoring with some great movement from Moore and Boyd which set Morrison free to score from a tight angle, but the lead was short lived when Fivemiletown gave away a penalty and GNR equalized.
The second half and it was Morrison who created the second for Fivemiletown when his shot smashed off the crossbar and it was Montgomery who was quickest to follow up and slotted the ball into the net, the game seemed won but a lapse of concentration in the dying minutes allowed the visitors to grab a point.

R.U.C 1-0 Fivemiletown
An under-strength Fivemiletown took to the field in Ballinamallard and was reported to be an ‘end to end’  game, it also said ‘Fivemiletown, although beaten, were by no means disgraced, and what they are lacking in weight, they make up for with enthusiasm.’

Fivemiletown 1-0 Corinthians
Owing to fading light the referee, Mr W. Glendinning, decided to play only 35 minutes each way.
The game started at a great pace, and Corinthians swarming the Fivemiletown goal, but luck was on Fivemiletown's side when a great shot went just wide.
Fivemiletown started to get back in the game and Montgomery put a lovely ball through to Moore who cracked the ball into the net. Unlucky Torrens twisted his knee again but pluckily played on.
The second half saw Fivemiletown open in a ‘Whirlwind Fashion’ with several good attempts being saved, Fivemiletown then won a penalty when it was deemed that the ball was handled in the box, the first attempt was ordered to be retaken, Montgomery took the shot but the Corinthians keeper made a great save, from there on it was all Corinthians but they failed to find the equalizer.
Fivemiletown: - Breadon, Torrens, Graham, Shields, Caruth, Porter, Boyd, Moore, Morrison, Montgomery, V. Caruth.

Omagh Depot 3-1 Fivemiletown
This was a one-sided game with Omagh scoring within the first five minutes and never looked in trouble, Morrison grabbing a consolation goal.

Fivemiletown 2-4 R.U.C
No information at present.

Fivemiletown Wolf Cubs

Fivemiletown Wolf Cubs 8-0 Omagh Wolf Cubs
‘a feature of the game was the excellent play of Pat Hackett, who scored four goals in quick succession’ other players mentioned: Joe McNulty (2), F. O’Malley and W. O’Malley.

Enniskillen Wolf Cubs 5-7 Fivemiletown Wolf Cubs
‘the game was a personal triumph for W. Hackett, Fivemiletown’s youthful centre-forward, who scored his side’s seven goals’  

Fivemiletown 1-4 R.U.C
At the end of February the R.U.C returned to Fivemiletown for a friendly, the local team had four stand-in players while the visitors were at full strength and they dominated the play and came away worthy winners.

Mulhern Cup R1
Omagh Depot 3-1 Fivemiletown
The final mention I have found to date is the first round match in the Mulhern Cup when Fivemiletown travelled to Omagh.
Omagh scored first with Caruth getting the equalizer shortly after, but just before the break, Omagh were awarded a penalty and the first half ended 2-1.
‘Fivemiletown played determined football in the second half’ but it was Omagh who scored again ending Fivemiletown’s chances of progressing.    




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