Fivemiletown Football: 1929/30

Interesting Game
In early September of 1929, I found this snippet:
Screeby Rovers and Ballyvadden Strollers met at Screeby football grounds near Fivemiletown. Ballyvadden had the best of the opening and after five minutes Adams scored. The second half was keenly contested, and Hunt equalised. Full-time score: One goal each.

The first game I came across involving Fivemiletown this season was a friendly against Enniskillen Shamrock Rovers, on a Wednesday evening in early October on the Fivemiletown ground.
The report said ‘The game started fast, Fivemiletown making several good charges which proved satisfactory, with Jim Boyd opening the scoring and in a few minutes R. Boyd scored the second.
Shortly after the break, Slone added the third’.
Final score Fivemiletown 3-2 Enniskillen

Kelvin United 3-2 Fivemiletown
Fivemiletown travelled to Omagh for this their second fixture, having drawn their first game (!) and Kelvin losing theirs they were both looking to get a win, unfortunately kelvin scored three goals in the first half which proved too much for Fivemiletown, after the break, ‘Fivemiletown then made a splendid recovery, and Moore and Boyd reduced Kelvin’s lead, but try as they would, the equaliser would not come’. 

Fivemiletown Wolf Cubs
The local branch of the ‘Wolf Cubs’ (later to called just Cubs) had their own football team, and in November this year took on Omagh in Fivemiletown and came out winners by 4 goals to one.
Names mentioned in the report; W. O’Malley, Porter, Hackett, Carson & Frank O’Malley (Keeper).

Fivemiletown 3-2 Irvinestown
It was Irvinestown who took the lead, but Fivemiletown soon equalised, ‘Crawford sent the ball to the left wing for R. Boyd to beat two opponents and send in a hot shot which the goalkeeper saved, but on the rebound Morrison sent the ball into the net’, in the second half Boyd and Morrison both scored and getting their first win of the season.

Challenge Match 
In the same paper (14th Nov) there was a report on a challenge match;
‘Kiltermon Rovers and Screeby Strollers met in the Recreation Ground, Fivemiletown, on the evening of the 6th, for the sixth time, the other five being drawn, to decide a challenge match. In the first half sets of forwards missed several opportunities, being too anxious. At halftime, there was no score. The second half was very keenly contested, and after 10 minutes Victor Carruth opened the score for Kiltermon and immediately afterwards Breadon equalised. Just on time, Irwin scored the winning goal.'  Full Time: - Kiltermon Rovers 2 goals, Screeby Strollers 1 goal.
Mr W. J. Gillespie had charge of the game.

 G.N. Railways 2-1 Fivemiletown
Fivemiletown seemed to be the better team for most of this game and was unlucky to leave with nothing.
The comments at the end of the report said; ‘Fivemiletown on average are the lightest team in the competition, but what they lack in weight they make up for in enthusiasm. With a little more combination in their play, instead of working individually, they will do much better’. It also went on to say they were below full playing strength.
Playing for Fivemiletown: - Breadon, Torrens, Hamill, McCaffery, Crawford, McConville, R. Boyd, J. Boyd, Morrison, Moore and Shields.

Fivemiletown 3-2 Kelvin United
Return fixture and reversal of the score, with Fivemiletown taking both points in this fixture.
‘the ground was very heavy, but, despite that, some good football was witnessed by the large crowd of spectators,’
The game didn’t all go Fivemiletown’s way, going behind twice in the first half, with J. Boyd getting the equaliser before losing the lead again before the break.
the second half proved much better with the Fivemiletown forwards dominating the game, and it was J. Boyd who scored to bring the scores level for the second time and only a few minutes later R. Boyd gained the lead which they held to the end.

Omagh Depot 5-0 Fivemiletown
Fivemiletown travelled to Omagh for matchday six and came off second best, but the report saying ‘the score distinctly flatters the Depot’ The report went on to say, that at the end of the game, Mr Mullins, the referee, was struck in the face by a Fivemiletown supporter, but was unable to get his name.  

Fivemiletown 5-2 G.N. Railways
there was a whole paragraph written in the report about the condition of the pitch, probably the best description I have seen to date;
‘The day was most unsuitable for football, a bitterly cold wind, accompanied by showers of hail and rain, continuing throughout the first half. The field itself was a veritable quagmire, and one could almost picture myriads of wildfowl floating serenely past, instead of a crowd of mud-bespattered men chasing a much abused, and, at times, floating leather’.

Not sure why, or who made the final decision to go ahead with the game, as the next few lines stated; ‘Before commencing the game, Referee, Mr Hamilton, pronounced the field quite unplayable and the match was, therefore, played under protest by G.N.R., who took to the field with nine men.’
The report ended by saying: ‘Fivemiletown were suited to the conditions, as well as being on familiar ground, they, therefore, did not seem to find the sodden ground as great a handicap as the Railway did. But, on the whole, to give them there due, they were full value for their win.’
Fivemiletown: - Breadon, Torrens, Hamill, Shields, Crawford, Graham, Morrison, Slone, Montgomery, J. Boyd and R. Boyd.

The following week the papers reported that G.N.R. had put in a protest against Fivemiletown regarding the above match, the reason given was that Fivemiletown did not have their ground enclosed as required. The Fermanagh & Western District Football Association ruled in favour and ordered the match to be replayed at Fivemiletown.

Fivemiletown Wolf Cubs
young lads back in action, taking on Omagh and again beating them by three goals to one.
Players mentioned: Carson (with a hat-trick), O’Malley, Porter and McFarland.
Mr Jack Anderson had charge of the Fivemiletown Cubs and trained them.

Shooting Competition
In the same paper, it was reported that there was a shooting competition organised by Messrs. Robert McClintock and William Young and was held in Grogey Public Elementary School, in aid of a new bridge to be erected over the Cooneen River.

 Fivemiletown 5-0 Fermanagh R.U.C.
‘Fivemiletown are a greatly improved side and fully deserved their win’  the report said, ‘ they have a fine fullback in Hamill and this player is ripe for senior football anytime. Their forwards showed good combinations and adapted to the conditions. There wasn’t a weak spot in the line,’
Fivemiletown: - Breadon, Hamill, Martin, Torrens, Crawford, Morrison, J. Boyd, Montgomery, R. Boyd and Bennock.

Coonian Football Club
A dance in aid of the Coonian football Club was held in Coonian Catholic Hall, where a very large crowd turned up.

Irvinestown 0-1 Fivemiletown
This away match started with Irvinestown only having nine men but got two more from amongst the spectators. It was reported as being a thrilling game throughout, fought with great eagerness on both sides. Montgomery, for Fivemiletown, was hurt and went off for a spell, shortly followed by an Irvinestown player also hurt, both teams down to ten men. An Irvinestown player and Hamill, for Fivemiletown, got into loggerheads with the result that both received marching orders, now it’s only nine aside. When the second half started, the two injured players came back on, to make it a better game.
Fivemiletown: - Breadon, Hamill, Martin, Shields, Torrens, Crawford, Morrison, J. Boyd, Montgomery, R. Boyd and Bennock.

Cubs Win again
Fivemiletown Wolf Cubs had Enniskillen Cubs on a visit to play a friendly game of football, winning by two goals to nil. Carson, McMahon and O’Malley mentioned.

Fivemiletown 1-0 G.N. Railways (Replay)
‘Fivemiletown deserved their win, they adapted themselves better to the conditions and persisted in swinging the ball about. Breadon was sound in goal and made some clever saves. J. Boyd was the best of the halves. Bennock was the outstanding forward.’

Fermanagh R.U.C. 3-0 Fivemiletown
Fivemiletown had to travel to Ballinamallard for this game; it was a very slippery and frosty pitch.
It was reported that; ‘Fivemiletown have a ‘never say die’ spirit. They never gave up trying, but they were beaten by a heavier side. Crawford, the centre-half, tried hard to get his forwards going and it was no fault of his that his side was beaten. Hamill played a good game at fullback. The Fivemiletown forwards were a lively lot but none of them seemed to know how to get goals.’

Fivemiletown Wolf Cubs
The local cubs travelled to Littlemount P.E School, this time only coming away with a draw 1-1. Players mentioned; W. O’Malley, McNulty, Hackett, Crawford, Porter and a special mention for the keeper, ‘A feature of the game was the splendid goalkeeping of cub Frank O’Malley, who seemed unbeatable,’

Wolf Cubs
Coleraine travelled to Omagh to take on Fivemiletown in a friendly match, with both teams unbeaten. Fivemiletown dominated the first half, with W. O’Malley scoring twice and Carson adding a third, Porter holding up the defence and Pat Hackett, Fivemiletown’s centre-half, had no superior on the field. But a lapse in concentration in the second half allowed Coleraine to get three quick goals making the final score 3-3. Both teams are still unbeaten.

Fivemiletown 1-1 G.N. Railways (Replayed again)
This is the third meeting of the same fixture, with Fivemiletown winning both, why this was ordered to be replayed again I don’t know at this point, I never found any reports of a protest being brought against Fivemiletown or any ruling from the Fermanagh & Western.
Notes on the game said; ‘Referee McKerr is to be congratulated on his handling of the game, as, in the hands of a less efficient referee, there would have been some trouble.’  Slight changes to the line-up for this game; - Breadon, Martin, Noble, Shields, McCoy, Crawford, Morrison, J. Boyd, H. Montgomery, Irwin and P. Montgomery.

Fivemiletown Cubs
An enjoyable day out in Belfast on St Patrick's day, when they played Malone Cubs in a football match, and afterwards visited the cinema and spent all their money in Woolworths. W. O’Malley scoring a hat-trick with Carson, G. O’Malley and McNulty also scoring one each also mentioned; Hackett and Morrow. Result; Fivemiletown 6-0 Malone

The last bit of information on this season 

Mulhern Cup S/F
G.N. Railways 1-1 Fivemiletown (AET)
This match was eagerly looked forward to by local football followers, and Fivemiletown spectators travelled by special buses to cheer their team. This game was played at the Broad Meadow, Enniskillen. A very exciting cup tie ending in a draw

Mulhern Cup S/F (Replay)
G.N. Railways 1-0 Fivemiletown
Fivemiletown were very unlucky to lose this game, they were the better side for good portions of the game. Breadon was sound in goal and has improved considerably in form this season, The Fivemiletown forwards show some clever combinations and had hard luck on several occasions. Summing the whole match up there was very little between the two sides.
Fivemiletown: - Breadon, Noble, Irvine, Crawford, Martin, Graham, Carruth, J. McCoy, T. McCoy, Malarkey and Magee.


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